Dishes Menu


Summer Truffles Salad “Tuber Aestivum” from Juin : 17,50€
salad, smocked ham, parmesan , tomatoes, truffles, olive oil

Goats Salad from the”Farm of Bounas” Bauduen : 16,50€
Salad, smocked ham, tomatoes, goats cheese on toast, pine kerrnel, olive oil, balsamic vinegar

Provençale caillette from “butcher Bondil” Moustiers ste Marie (04) : 14,50€
hot caillette on toast, salade, pine kermel, olive oil, balsamic vinegar

Plater of smoked ham “Pata Négra” and Tomatoes toast
28 mois : 15,00€ or 38 mois : 25,00€

Plater of charcuterie and cheese for Two : 24,00€

Puffed Snails (12) and Garlic Salad from “La Robine” (04) : 16,50€
Olive oil vierge extra fom “Maillannes” (13)

Poached Eggs “Cocottes Eggs” Bio
With Foie Gras, Truffes “Tuber Melanosporum” : 14,50€
With Pistou, Fresh goat Cheese from Bounas farm, Tomatoes : 7,50€
With Parmesan Cheese, Lardons, Fresh Mushrooms, Tomatoes : 8,50€
contains fresh cream

Grilled Meats

Country Lamb Chops from France -350g : 25,50€
Duck breast from France – 350/400g : 26,50€
Flank Steak “Charolais” from France – 200g : 15,90€
Flank Steak “Angus” from Irland – 200g : 17,50€
Entrecôte “Charolaise” from France – 300g : 24,80€
Entrecôte “Simmental” from Deutschland – 300g : 23,80€
Entrecôte “Angus” from Irland – 300g : 28,50€
Prime Rib Beef “Charolaise” from France – 500g : 31,50€
Prime Rib Veal from France – 350g : 24,50€
Pluma of Pata Négra Porc ibérique from Spain – 250g : 25,50€
Pata Negra Kebab – Porc ibérique from Spain – 200g : 19,50€
Andouillette from Moustiers Ste Marie(04)  “Butcher Bondil” : 16,80€
With mustard sauce

Extra french fries : 4,00€
Extra gratin : 6,00€
Home Made sauces : 2,50€

All our meats are served with gratins or French fries, Mad From Fresh Products


Goat, Cheep and Cow cheeses : 7,80€
From “La Bastide de Pastourelle Chateaudouble” – Farm “Bounas” Bauduen

Or warm goat from Farm “Bounas” with flavors of Provence : 7,50€

Child ‘s menu

Child ‘s menu up to 12 years old : 12,00€
Minced meat steak and home made french fries or gratin
Syrop of choice and two ice cream balls Artisanal ice Cream

Our Desserts “House”

Chocolate Mousse, Crumble, Creme brulee : 6,50€
Profiteroles : 7,50€
Day’s deserts (see sign)
Ice Cream balls of chice

Our Cooking With Wood Fire, With Exceptionel Fragances, requires a particuler attention therefor there is a slightly longer wait than traditionel cooking….
Enjoy Your Selves !!!

The restaurant has was awarded the title “Maître Restaurateur” is a garanty of Home Made Cooking.
“Products acquired mostly fresh” validated by the Prefecture.

Payment by credit card, Visa, Check accepted from 15 €
Beyond 6 people, reservation required

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